I offer a free ½ hour consult to anyone interested in having a hypnotherapy session. This is an opportunity to ask me any questions you may have, and to tell me about your specific situation. I can then inform you on how hypnotherapy can help you.

I offer consults at my home office, over the phone to anyone from Canada, or over Skype

Cost: FREE

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One on One Sessions

During a one on one hypnotherapy session I help you to let go of any triggers, blocks, fears, bad habits or baggage… whatever it is that is causing you to have the issue you are struggling with. Once we release the source of your issue (whatever created it in the first place) I help you to create new patterns, reactions or responses that allow you to achieve your goal, whether that is getting on a plane or living your life free from anxiety and with confidence.

Each session is 1 hour in length and the amount of sessions required really is different for every client, it depends on where you are on your journey and how much you need to let go of or change.

These sessions are either in person at my home office or over Skype.

Cost Per Session: $105.00 Canadian

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Personalized Recordings – Guided Meditations or Hypnotherapy Sessions

I offer a free ½ hr consult to discuss your needs and wants for your personalized recording.

20 minute recordings: $105.00 Canadian

40 minute recordings: $150.00 Canadian

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Downloadable Hypnotherapy Sessions and Guided Meditations

On my Store page you will find professionally recorded hypnotherapy sessions and guided meditations that you can purchase and download so that you can listen anytime and anywhere you choose.

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Free Stuff / You Tube

A few years ago I created a you tube channel so that I could provide my clients with homework, which would help them strengthen their minds and quicken the process. Back in the day hypnotherapist’s would give their clients tapes or cd’s, I decided to utilize technology and create a channel. On my channel you will find many guided meditations and hypnotherapy sessions for many different needs. These sessions are meant to strengthen the work I do within my practice, mostly suggestive therapy, some spiritual journeys. It is important to know that in order for suggestive therapy to be successful and long lasting you must free yourself of the triggers, blocks or whatever created what it is you are trying to change. This may be through Hypnotherapy or some other form of healing.

YouTube Channel

Live Stream Group Hypnotherapy

I would LOVE to do some group hypnotherapy in the future via live stream. This way I could help more people at a lower price. I am thinking of doing group sessions for anxiety or enhancing self-confidence and so much more. If you would be interested in joining myself and others for some group sessions please email me at to let me know.