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Hypnotherapy is about gaining control of your mind. Sometimes the two parts of our mind feel like they are working against each other, consciously we want to do something or know we should, but subconsciously we are afraid or resist. Hypnotherapy helps you align the two parts of your mind so they are working together. Request a free consultation or book a session.

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  • This is the longest I've ever been able to do any form of meditation. The minutes just flew by. Thank you so much. I have PTSD/Depression/Anxiety. I really needed this! I'm going to start doing this meditation every morning to start my day :)

    Stephanie Carol, YouTube Subscriber
  • Thank you! One of the most effective hypnosis/meditation videos I've come across so far... It greatly helped me release all negativity and especially helps me have control over "intrusive thoughts", which has been causing me stress for years. Really stops my mind from racing. I love the "branch" analogy and learning to "let go".

    GenXer82, YouTube Subscriber
  • Absolutely beautiful. This is the best guided meditation I have done in a while, I find most had no effect on me, this one was brilliaaaant!!!! So many branches I’ve been clinging to, man how I missed just laying back not giving a dam, watching the clouds above me. So much peace to you Suzanne

    HewFunkingknewit, YouTube Subscriber
  • First time I've felt calmness within myself, my intrusive thoughts and anxiety were gone when I let go of the branch. Thank you so much x

    Jodie Podie, YouTube Subscriber